"A creative culture creates new ways for doing the "same old" thing." - Author Dawna Atamanchuk 

Winnipeg-born author, Dawna Atamanchuk is widely known for her ability to conceptualize the needs of an organization and identify learning gaps while bringing the right partners and tools to the table to design the program. Dawna says, "Our work is about people. We need to understand the working space which exists and then design a learning environment which allows them to flourish." 

Dawna has an educational background in Business (Marketing and Human Resources) and Adult Education; she has been working in the field of learning and performance since 2003. When asked what brought her to this career path, she responded, "Because it is creative. I have the opportunity to design, think and collaborate with people on a variety of topics and industries." 

An organization is a sum of its parts. Let the FourPlus Potentials Team help you put all the pieces together this includes 1. Understanding how one person's decision impacts other individuals and the organization as a whole. - Extra effort upfront means improved workplace relationships. 2. Designing workflow processes that are attainable so employees do not need to create workarounds. Fewer workarounds mean higher productivity. 3. Providing the right tools to perform responsibilities in the best possible way - Having the right tools means higher productivity. 

Propriety Publishing is a unique company "with a niche expertise in things like confidence, civility, social competence, professionalism, self-esteem, communications, ethics, respect, and collaboration." Experts in soft skills development, Propriety Publishing provides excellent and much-needed information to those who want to succeed in business. 

More About The Book: A workplace is a community for the people who work there. To ensure that your workplace isn't excluding any employees, there are some important practices to follow: relevant and effective communication, effective systems thinkers, and realistic workflow processes. The author recommends: "Instead of asking yourself who are you including in the process, as yourself who you are excluding." For more information on Propriety Publishing: http://proprietypublishing.com