Executive Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is not counselling. In coaching, we ask non-directive questions to assist the individual employee to identify where they are stuck, to explore why becoming unstuck is important to them and to discover how they may find a stronger way forward. 

Coaching conversations provide the opportunity for leaders and their employees to explore new approaches to everyday situations while working toward their optimal potential. 

What do we know about the workplace today? 

We know there are more stressors preventing each of us from working at our optimal skill level. Often, while we endeavour to focus on our work, our attention is also focused on our home life.  In addition, while we try to keep our attention in the present we are also impacted by what has taken place in the past, and what we anticipate will happen in the future.  Managing the complexity of our personal and professional, past, present and future attention can impact our ability to be effective in the workplace. 

To Coach and Be Coached: Where is Dawna’s journey leading her? 

  • Exploring the world through running and reading.
  • Engaging in the communities she lives and works in.
  • Continuously learning new ways to cook and enjoy food.
  • Finding a focus for her future research project.

Collaborating and Creating for the Future 

Coaching with Dawna is focused on the whole person. In today’s environment, we each bring our entire self to work each day, combining both professional and personal strengths, attributes and behaviours. By staying curious and being open to exploration Dawna creates an open space for the coachee to identify what is important to them and what might be standing in their way to greater success and happiness. It is from this uniquely individual place where the coaching conversation begins. 

Looking forward to learning more about your journey.