An Organization is a Sum of its Parts. Let the FourPlus Potentials Team help you put all the pieces together. 

  • Understanding how one person's decision impacts other individuals and the organization as a whole.
    • Extra effort upfront means improved workplace relationships.

  • Designing workflow processes that are attainable so that employees do not need to create work-arounds.
    • Less work-arounds means higher productivity.

  • Providing the right tools to perform your responsibilities in the best possible way.
    • Right tools means higher productivity.  

"A creative culture creates new ways for doing the "same old" thing." By Dawna


Creativity allows us the opportunity to:

  • Explore ideas.
  • Explore a situation without judgement.
  • Listen to what is being shared (spoken and unspoken word).

Questions to Ponder

  • Where do you want your team to be heading?
  • Where does your team want to go?
  • What assumptions are the leaders and their team members making about the situation?
  • Who do you need to involve in this conversation?
  • Who are you excluding from the conversation intentionally or accidentally?
  • How does communication, decision making and continuous learning occur in your organization?

Our Workplace is Our Community

To ensure your workspace is not excluding any employees a few practices you can follow are:

  • Relevant and effective communication
  • Positive Intercultural practices
  • Realistic workflow processes

Instead of asking yourself who are you including in the process, ask yourself who you are excluding.