As Instructional Designers we:

  • Conduct needs assessments.
  • Collaborate with your team to gain knowledge about your workplace environment.
  • Determine and recommend measurable learning outcomes.
  • Identify the learners and their particular training needs.
  • Design in-house training programs and material for:
    • Learners 
    • Trainer
    • On the job tools
  • Deliver initial training program or assist your learning and development team in the delivery.

As Trainers we:

  • Conduct needs assessments.
  • Determine the appropriate evaluation strategies.
  • Collaborate in the strategic development and implementation of training program(s).
  • Create, deliver and evaluate training programs with a focus on the organizational needs:
    • In-house
    • Customized
    • Train-The-Trainer Programs

As Implementers we: 

  • Work with your leaders and team members to reach decisions required to implement a new process, product or program as it relates to learning.
  • Develop the implementation plan.
  • Market, deliver and develop workshops related to business skills training.
  • Participate in and lead workflow review sessions, analyze business needs and create required documentation. 
  • Communicate your needs to the appropriate partners and/or team members.

1. Adult education principles are implemented to increase learners' engagement and retention of information.

2. Objectives of project are connected to measurable outcomes. 

3. The human element is explored as we work together to understand what is needed to implement new ideas and processes.

4. Diverse industry experiences are brought to your organization when discussing the implementation of a  new idea or concept.

5. Time is taken to learn about your industry and organization, which enhances the project development.

6. A seasoned Implementation Consultant who works to understand your workplace environment.

7. Workplace dynamics are explored at the leadership and team levels to identify and prioritize the organization's needs and ensure they reach current and future organizational goals.

8. Kirkpatrick Evaluation Principles are followed to determine, before the path is set, what will be measured and how. 

9. The concept of micro learning principles is adopted.

10. The value of continuous learning is practiced at Benefits and Beyond.