As Instructional Designers we:

  • Conduct needs assessments.
  • Collaborate with your team to gain knowledge about your workplace environment.
  • Determine and recommend measurable learning outcomes.
  • Identify the learners and their particular training needs.
  • Design in-house training programs and material for:
    • Learners 
    • Trainer
    • On the job tools
  • Deliver initial training program or assist your learning and development team in the delivery.

As Facilitators we:

  • Conduct needs assessments.
  • Determine the appropriate evaluation strategies.
  • Collaborate in the strategic development and implementation of training program(s).
  • Create, deliver and evaluate training programs with a focus on the organizational needs:
    • In-house
    • Customized
    • Train-The-Trainer Programs

As Implementers we: 

  • Work with your leaders and team members to reach decisions required to implement a new process, product or program as it relates to learning.
  • Develop the implementation plan.
  • Market, deliver and develop workshops related to business skills training.
  • Participate in and lead workflow review sessions, analyze business needs and create required documentation. 
  • Communicate your needs to the appropriate partners and/or team members.
  • Increase employees' engagement and retention of information through interactive and reflective activities.  
    • Make time to play and think.

  • Learning objectives are connected to measurable outcomes.
    • Yes, we can measure the impact of training.

  • Design and adapt training to meet the specific needs of the employees and the organization.
    • Make training applicable. 

  • Time is spent discussing how to continue the learning following the training.
    • Make learnng part of your culture.